Christabelle Noronha

From country to continent, from culture and tradition to history and geography, from the real to the surreal, from past to future, from the world within to the stars beyond — there’s plenty to learn from and love about books and reading. That’s the essential idea the Parag Initiative has been trying to convey, propagate and promote with its spectrum of programmes in the education sector.

Our cover story is a detailed look at what Parag has pulled off in helping to enable the children’s literature ecosystem in India: its support for book development; the activation of libraries in different states; the seeding of professional development courses; and the instituting of awards for writers and illustrators — all of this is an environment where challenges abound. There’s plenty that remains to be done and Parag, with its pedigree and track record, is primed to accomplish more in collaboration with its partners in furthering the cause of books and reading for children.

This edition of Horizons also has two extensive articles: in our Centre Stage section we highlight the cutting-edge work being done by the Tata Institute for Genetics and Society in food security and nutrition, infectious diseases, and rare genetic disorders; and there’s the tie-up involving the Eicher Group Foundation and the Tata Trusts that is striving to ensure water security in the western Himalayas.

Complementing these two standouts are feature stories on an effort in Uttar Pradesh to improve livelihoods through better agricultural practices; renewable energy solutions that are enhancing the earnings and living standards of rural communities across the country; and goat-farming that is providing tribal groups in Maharashtra with a much-needed leg-up.

Gastroenterologist and liver diseases specialist Shiv Kumar Sarin talks about, most importantly, doctor-patient relations and how to boost organ donations in the interview we have lined up. Additionally, there’s Aparna Uppaluri, chief operating officer of the Tata Trusts, with insights on the complexities philanthropy faces in the ‘art of giving’, and Madhav Joshi, chief executive officer of India Health Fund, a Tata Trusts initiative, on the catalysing role donors can play in the healthcare sector.

Allow me to sign off by wishing all of you Horizons readers — and lovers of books and the written word — the very best in this festive season and in the year ahead.

Christabelle Noronha

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