Christabelle Noronha

Any and every effort to provide women with a leg up makes for welcome reportage here at Horizons. Our cover story details the nature and success of one such effort: a programme to initiate farmers, many of them women, into the lucrative business of milk production.

Supported by the DHANII Foundation, the implementation arm of the Tata Trusts’ Dairy Mission, this initiative has strengthened the earning power of rural families in five states by having them take up milk production as a principal or supplementary enterprise. As important as the money pulled in has been, so too is the agency the women involved have acquired, within their families and the community, as equal members of the household.

Our Centre Stage section looks at the calamitous link between climate change and health, and what the India Health Fund, a nonprofit seeded by the Trusts, is doing to further innovation and collaboration that can combat infectious diseases through cutting-edge diagnoses and surveillance measures. Collaboration is also the watchword in the joining of hands between the Trusts and DMart Foundation to back programmes in water conservation and cancer care.

The feature articles in this edition cover two spheres — employment and health — that deserve all the attention they can get. We have a story on the ripple effect a Tata STRIVE project, spread over six states, has had in creating small businesses by bolstering budding entrepreneurs from among rural youth. Our second feature describes an ingenious approach that connects food and physical wellbeing to encourage women to get screened for breast cancer.

We have more than the usual in the space reserved for interviews and opinions. There’s the well-known Ashok B Lall speaking about architecture and its place in society, and there’s EdelGive Foundation’s chief executive Naghma Mulla on maximising the impact of CSR resources allocated to  social development.

The Tata Trusts’ chief executive, Siddharth Sharma, writes about fostering an ecosystem where climate-change action can flourish; Aparna Uppaluri, chief operating officer of the Trusts, advocates for philanthropies to change their outlook to secure better outcomes from social-sector spending; and Neeraja Chilukoti and Ashwin Dalal of the Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics explain the challenges of coping with rare genetic diseases.

Not least in the spread served up for you, dear reader, is the picturesque rendering of a behavioural change campaign that’s putting village communities at the heart of water-related issues.

Christabelle Noronha

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